School Tours

We have some dates open for 2013, give us a call or email us soon. 815-648-2332 or

EducationVon Bergen’s Country Market has been hosting tours to approximately 2500 school children yearly for over 25 years.  The children are given a presentation about growing food and other crops, then go on a wagon ride to the field where the gourds, pumpkins, and finger corn are growing.  They each get to pick gourds, a pumpkin, and  finger corn.  Bags are furnished by the Market.  When they return, Princess Bright Feather takes them to the authenic TePe, they venture through the childrens’ maze, visit with the farm animals, play in the sand box/tractor area, and stroll through the “already picked” pumpkin patch with its many character boards.

The cost is $5.00 per person, (teachers pick free). This includes a snack to have here or take with you if you are under time constraints. We like to have the children divided into groups of 3 with a chaperone.  We discourage bringing siblings as we want the chaperones to help all the children in their group.  It is important for you to arrive at your scheduled time as we work hard to keep everyone on time.  We do not like to hurry you through what should be an educational and fun tour.

Appropriate dress is a must, as it is usually windy and cold in the country.  If it does rain or is too muddy to go to the field, we have the children pick from bins in the tool shed.

Picnic tables are available for snacks or lunches (weather permitting).  We have an indoor (unheated) lunch room and a large tent with tables available.

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